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Product Description

Panasonic CTL 1616 rechargeable watch battery

Voltage: 2.3V
Dimensions: H: 1.6mm X D:16mm
Capacity: 18 mAh
Weight: 0.6 g
Type: Cobalt Titanium Lithium

CTL-1616, CTL1616, CTL 1616

Suitabe for:
G-Shock AWG100
G-Shock AWG101
G-Shock G2800
G-Shock G7300
G-Shock G7301
G-Shock GW002
G-Shock GW056
G-Shock GW1400
G-Shock GW1500
G-Shock GW300
G-Shock GW330
G-Shock GW410
G-Shock GW500
G-Shock GW530
G-Shock GW5600
G-Shock GW600
G-Shock GW610
G-Shock GW700
G-Shock GW800
G-Shock GW810
G-Shock MTG930
G-Shock MTG950
G-Shock MTG960
Pathfinder PAG50
Pathfinder PAG70
Pathfinder PAG80
Pathfinder PAW1200
Pathfinder PAW1300
Pathfinder SPF70
Waveceptor FTW100
Waveceptor WV300
Waveceptor WV301
Waveceptor WVA510
Waveceptor WVQ500

EAN 4022739685910
Weight (Kg) 0.0060
Capacity 18mAh
Voltage 2.3v
Chemistry Cobalt Titanium Lithium
Dimensions (mm) 1.6x16

Panasonic CTL 1616 rechargeable watch battery

SKU: 100010400

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